Wednesday, May 31, 2006

Wind Power calling Andrew Davies AM

Wind power calling Andrew Davies AM

This notice was posted by an Action Network user not the BBC
Updated: 31 May 2006

By daoud jibreel

"Hello peopleIts funny what you hear on the lets hide some protest BBC.

Like over this weekend I like to listen to the world service to keep intouch with the world events that they like to tell us about.


Totally amazing when you think of my blog on wind turbines, the people out there have turbines that feed directly into the national grid and for every bit of energy that they put in gets taken off of the bill they get for ussage.

Given the way the wind has blown since my last visit to the Welsh Assembly on the 9th n 10th of May, I wonder how much my bill this quarter would have been reduced by if I had such a system up and running. 24/7 wind turbine going cheap electricity for Crazydave cheap electricity for Crazydave.

Then I've wondered about our free supply of water from the heavens, how much would the last three weeks have lasted me if I had a roof water collection system. Well come on Carwyn Jones AM how much does an average roof in Wales run off water in a year has the environment agency finally got the answer to that question.???I've asked often enough people, but like always NO REPLY.

Yet still the Chief Constable refuses to charge Rhodri Morgans cabinet with Malfeasance towards me.And your BBC Wales news people try and keep these questions from you.

I wonder why.

Love n Light Crazydave" for a fulllist of blogs go to welsh assembly the crazydave files

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